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Gharri Pastoralist chanting Video from Huddett


 Kenya Govt. summoned by U.N over human rights violations


Inaa Lilaahi wa inaa Ilaahi raajicuun!


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Gur Gharri Online Radio Interview with  PM Mr. Ibrahim  March 10, 2008

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Elwak: a land of wisdom, full of  centuries old heroic memories  BY ISAAC  gsg MEMBER 

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NC voting rights groups turn to education in fight against ID law

NIGHT TERROR HAVE BEGAN IN Mandera County, Kenya and Moyale district, Southern Ethiopia

Sultan Mohamed Haji Hassan Gababa coming to California March 15, 2014
Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News | Tennessee Garre Community News Update February 08, 2014

The unending ritual killing of unarmed innocent people of Marsabit County by ......

The Borana clan has begun waging full-fledged war against the Gabra and Burji Communities

On Saturday, January 04, 2014, Four Gabra herdsmen and 37 of their animals were killed at the Oda watering point in Moyale district just 50 meters away from Oda Police post

Sultan Mohamed Haji Hassan arrived to America on 29 December 2013.

Ali Boru's response to Borana MP Roba Duba's claim re-E…

 The Borana lost big time in the current conflict with the Gabra community.

The Borana community has lost ground on three fronts.

Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News |

7 Killed, 11 Houses Burnt In Moyale As the National Assembly approved the deployment of soldiers to clash-On Thursday Dec. 05, 2013, Moyale residents woke up with the sounds of

Two Garri owned vehicles carrying an unspecified number of passengers were ambushed by the Borana clan militias at Tarbbe Holalee on 12/04/2013 at about 8:00 AM local time.

Western Gharri region Malka Mari Liberators

There is very high tension between the Gharri and Borana

 from Moyale, Ethiopia: Two Gharri citizens were ambushed by an 

News Update From Huddet District, Western Gharri Region

Late M0hamed Rashid at GCONA Conference part one 2012

  6 Borana individuals have been arrested by Kenyan Defense Force (KDF)  & Tensions are high between the Gharri and Borana communities over the rights of the Mata Arba water dam.

Response to Daily Nation web and its culprits Lucas Barasa, Mohamud Mohamed and Hassan Aden Osman AKA Hassan Cereal

Response to the Daily Nation's Report  regarding causes of conflict in Moyale District and North Eastern Kenya.

Two killed in clashes over control of pasture in Moyale

Response to the Web news reports by CYRUS OMBATi and Adow Jubat

News Brief From Moyale, Ethiopia and MANDERA COUNTY, KENYA

Response to the causes of Mandera and Wajir county conflict

Where are Mandera county elected officials?

Takaba District – The death toll has reached 10 from June 11, and 13 when Degodia terrorists attack at Qoqaye and Burmayo.

Response to the Standard Media Report dated June 7, 2013 in regard to the reported killing and abduction in Mandera County


GDF Forces video clip. Song by Abdulahi George, and produced by GSG and posted by gurgharri. This is members of GDF sowing off their talent singing war song by Abdulahi George GSG copyright reserved (C) 2012

GDF Forces video clip. Members of GDF showing off their talent singing war song by Abdulahi George

Degodia transgressors





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Only in Ethiopia You Can Find These (Sep06, 2007)

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Ethiopia Congratulations

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